Friday 13 January, 2012

Tyrolean Powder – part 1


Austria got tons of snow so we decided to hit our home mountains!

weather: cloudy, stormy
crew: Julia, Lisa & Conny, filmer: Yoann, photographer: Patrick
result: powder tree runs, lots of food, forgot our stomping legs at home :-)

enjoying the ride

lisa dropping


yoann & conny

conny into the white


weather: blue bird
crew: Lisa, Julia, Tini, Conny, princess Diana joined after university, filmer: Yoann, photographer: Patrick
result: scouting, shovelling, perfect powder kicker, fun session, stomped tricks, smiling faces

the crew

julie checking the landing

scissor, stone, paper

yoann getting ready

princess in the air

flying cat

let´s hit it again!


weather: blue bird, crusty snow
crew: Diana, Julia, filmer: Yoann
result: few cups of coffee, tired legs from the last 2 days, let´s called it a day off!


DAY 4  is on!

keep you posted

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